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when it comes to branding logo design is king

dedicated to your vision, chromadix is a professional logo design studio who aspires to help define and fine tune your concept.  our purpose is to understand and to make your logo creation a unique experience dedicated to your vision
our goal is to reach the pinnacle of transformation from abstract concept into the absolute intangible asset, resulting in creative value.


professional logo design and much more…

Chromadix is a visual design studio providing branding, professional logo design, photography, packaging, seo, and website design services in the Orange County, Los Angeles area

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learn how professional logo design can change the direction of your business, and how differentiation is one of the key components on your journey to success


at chromadix, we take the time to identify the values and attributes your logo design should convey…understanding your mission is our drive
we strive not only to understand but to render that which you wish to project to the consumer and potential customers alike. We are intuitively aware that working with shape, color and font to create unique logo designs means to delve deeper than the visual experience alone. Creating logos that are unique and powerful is our mission!


making the difference, one project at a time…

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