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a logo is a symbol used by enterprises for public recognition. It is the image embodying an organization and one of the most difficult to perfect. logo design, is a customized field and to design a logo online is not quite the same as working one on one with a logo designer. make your logo design as unique as your vision and experience the Chromadix difference. 


is one of the most important steps in developing your business. a business logo design should result in a simple, yet very powerful subliminal form of communication, intended  to deliver a certain level of expectation to your potential customer. 
to be powerful ,logo design must be simple, yet catchy and impactful. The human eye has numerous visual distractions and it is crucial your business logo design makes that remarkable impact on the viewer within the first few seconds. a logo designer is someone with experience in the visual field able to understand your vision.

as a symbol, the logo and it has ancient roots. today we see symbols on the walls of caves and Egyptian Pyramids reminding us of a time when symbols were once written language. it is logical then, to accord your business logo design the proper consideration and time. design a logo that is unique, simple and impactful, one that will remain in the minds of your customers!

online logo design, may be a choice for some, however, those who wish to stand out from the rest will choose to design a logo that is customized and specific to their desires. There is a remarkable difference between a professional logo design and online Logo design. a logo designer understand the process involved in designing a logo. each project is a unique journey one that delves into minute, yet key specifications. understanding, the vision, shape and color, along with the impact these two generate in the process of logo design is just the beginning. 


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professional logo design
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 logo design…adding the professional logo design touch makes all the difference! the difference only a logo designer can make

design a logo, make it your own! key components to begin the process of logo design

logo design, is a personal journey, beginning with identifying the characteristics you wish to underline about your business or in some cases your art. Identifying the three main characteristics is the first step in the process of logo design. This process is simplistic in nature. Most of us come to the determination of creating something based on certain ideals. Often, we aspire to fill in the blancs. Perhaps you identify a void in a specific field, and are looking to create that missing link. This is the field of business logo design that aims to highlight those key characteristics. 

your ideas are as unique as you are, and therefore so should your logo design. For instance your desire to is provide the absolute best customer care that spans beyond the point of sale, or perhaps focus is to attain flawless ethics of business. To design a logo means to understand those main characteristics you wish to emphasize the most. This is the first step in communication between you and your logo designer.

at Chromadix, we specialize in creating brand identity, and we take the time to understand and communicate, prior to the actual logo design process, and this is something that logo design online or logo maker will not do for you. not even the best logo deign sites, do not offer the customization as a logo creation service studio will. we are a veritable logo design studio in Los Angeles, the best logo design company, and we pride ourselves in taking the time to understand. at chromadix we take the logo design process to heart. once those main characteristics are outlined, we move on to design ideas where shape and color, begin to outline your vision. cheap logo design is for the amateur, create a logo for your business and stand out from the rest!


professional logo design 

the logo design sample below are, perhaps some of the most powerful logos that stand out from the rest. These simple, yet memorable symbols are recognized across the world. now that is power! these logo designs, are proof that professional logo design has the power to make or break a business. 

nike logo design
mcdonalds professional logo design
Chanel professional logo design
apple logo
mercedes logo

elements of professional logo design

color, shape and font are the elements that require integration while maintaining negative space equilibrium for logo design be a success. remember, it’s not just logo design but rather professional logo design that makes the difference. gestalt is achieved when the above elements are unified as a whole. when visual perception reaches the subconscious we have achieved the task of logo design. professional logo design is an art form for the logo designer, and clearly one who understands integration of design elements in oder to underline the characteristics it intends to represent. 

color and logo creation

color in professional logo design and branding is a topic that has not only raised controversy, but holds tremendous analytical depth in the field of psychology. it is no wonder then, that the psychology of color is so closely related to persuasion in branding/marketing.  color theory is complex and psychological implications can be as individual as our personal experiences. nonetheless, the implication of color in branding and logo design is a vastly studied topic.

there are a series of studies aimed at classifying consumer responses to color. research shows that that personal preference, experiences, upbringing and cultural differences play a role in our perception to color. business logo design is perhaps one of the areas of logo design where color particularities tend to be marketing tools and players. marketing firms are particularly researching the effect of various colors on the psyche and the impact on impulse buying decisions. there are some generalized ideas of the impact color makes, yet color traces back to our personal experiences as mentioned above.

this makes it difficult to generalize, however, there are specific messaging patterns that can be found in how we perceive color. some firms are focused on the marketing aspect of logo design while others aim simply at making a stylistic statement, one that renders the vibe of their brand or brand experience. an experience logo designer is one who is able to communicate and specify with detail particular demands and expectations.

researchers have found that 90% of snap decisions consumers make about a product or brand is related to color. color in branding and logo design has to do more with the perceived appropriateness. do the colors in logo design fit the brand it represents? we can see how business logo design is as individual as each business, and no project is like any other.

professional logo design aims at differentiation, standing out from already existing brands or competitors. In logo design the primary goal should be to use color to reflect the personality of your brand.

logo design and shapes

a logo design should be simple, yet there is nothing simple about logo design.  when it comes to branding, logo design holds top value, because a logo has a resounding effect on the way that brand is perceived by the consumer.

shape, can give logo design a powerful resounding effect and this is not a coincidence. Straight lines, circles, curves, all imply different things. our subconscious  mind responds to different logo shapes. working with a professional logo designer is key in creating the particular desired effect. for instance, the Nike Swoosh, highlights movement. 

straight edged shapes project stability and balance, straight lines and precise shapes suggest balance and strength, professionalism and efficiency, circles and ellipses have emotional implications, such as unity, friendship, love. triangles has been associated with power, religion and law.

font in logo design

the decision of font in logo design is a critical one. font gives logo identity and it must be in sink with your brand. originality speaks volumes. there are hundreds of  options and the decision on which one to choose in logo design is critical, particularly in logos that that rely heavily on font.

a word on gestalt and the role it plays in professional logo design

integration of color, shape and font in logo design is the ultimate test that will spell the difference between professional logo design and logo design online for instance. gestalt theories expand on the psychological impact shape and color on the human brain. it suggests that the human brain unifies the elements of design into a whole. this is one principle that is observed by successful logo designer one such characteristic that free logo design templates do not put emphasis on. no free logo design software could possibly fit into any one vision. designing a logo requires insight, communication,  graphic design programs and skills.

back to the principles of Gestalt, one it’s interesting principles  called closure, is effectively used in logo design. this is when a pattern or shape is left incomplete, while giving enough information for the brain to complete it. this particular principles holds depth due to the affect it has on the brain. it engages the brain into filling in the blancs so to speak, and this engagement creates not only a visual connection with the viewer, but one that delves deeper than meet the eye. it is such connections and impact on the emotions that remain with the viewer.

conveying the pure message with your logo design is thus the ultimate success. the elements of design become intrinsic factors that reach into the minds and hearts of the consumer. 

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