• Website Design the basic and principle element of Creating Brand Identity

    Website Design combines web design, journalism and marketing creation. These are element of web production, a web designer or web producer must master to create a professional and visually aesthetic look. Principles of design are crucial, as website design is a product to be viewed, careful aesthetic planning is key.

  • Basic Principles of Design for Website Desing

    Balance, contrast, emphasis, rhythm and unity are the key element of design every website designer must observe for a successful website design. I have found it difficult to find the right designer to work with. Many web designers I worked with mastered SEO skills, but lacked in design and ability to understand what I wanted. At Chromadix, Website Design Los Angeles, we aim to mold into your vision and translate that into a clickable reality.

  • Website Design and Design Key Elements

    Elements of Design must be present and aesthetically articulated for a Website Design to have appeal. Line, shape, texture, color and direction create the feel and vibe for your Brand, resulting in Brand Identity, the absolute in a company or business equity. I mirrors that which you wish to represent and an unmatched level of expectation. Website Builders must have a clear understanding and strong visually aesthetic skill to deliver a successful product.

  • How to make a website

    To build your own website is fun and challenging and it takes time. Many rely of Free Website Builder and that is great, however one cannot underestimate the impact a visual designer can make on website design. When looking to do brand integration, leveraging the talent of a designer will make all the difference in the world. Planning and creating a website includes: architecture, structure, navigation, layout, colors, fonts and imagery to name a few.

  • Website Hosting 

    Website Hosting and Design are important. At Chromadix, Website Design Los Angeles, we encourage our clients to interact so that they may have control of their website. This is important as the control is given to the owner of the website thus enabling them to make future changes required for functionality and interactive ability with their clients and audience. This process becomes fun and encouraging especially to those who feel intimidated by the prospect of web production. We give our clients options, including realistic and appropriate hosting for their needs. 



Building your website-Things to consider for best website design

…when deciding to build your website start by taking inspiration from top companies like Apple, Uber, and Airbnb, or those who inspire you. Take notes as to layouts, colors and tones, every detail that will play an important role in the desired outcome. 

Website design should be an inspirational process. With the age of technological advancements in many cases your website is the first interaction your client will have with what you have to offer. Image is important and impressing potential future clients can change the pace of your business and its vitality. 

Your website design should reflect your brand always!

Web Hosting

With hundred of options out there it is best to do your research and read reviews when looking to design your website. Some options may be attractive due to low fees, however you may end up paying more in the end. I have had a good experience with HostGator, and have been using them for some time. Their Baby Plan allows me to upload unlimited domains at a fairly low monthly rate. You save more if you prepay, however I prefer the monthly option. Most of the customer service experience has been great. I do have to mention that during the day the hold can be long. They over 24 hour phone support and I tend to plan those calls at odd hours in order to avoid the long hold.

When looking to find a web hosting company always consider: price, features, performance and support. Below are some options to consider when looking to design your website:

BlueHost, iPage, A2 Hosting, Squarespace, HostMetro, HostGator

Choosing a Domain name and why this is crucial in website design

Choosing a domain name in website design is one of the steps that are very important  in SEO (search engine optimization) and it is most often missed. Many small businesses make the mistake of choosing a domain name that is not always the best option for SEO. Choosing the company name instead of using main key words in the domain name is one of the most common mistakes most small inexperienced businesses make. 

When choosing a domain try to avoid the .net or .space option and opt for the .com if possible. This makes it easier for your company to be found.

Choosing a domain name requires expertise and careful analysis. This is one step that should be given careful consideration and expert opinion along with the use of google analytics for best search engine optimization. Google analytics gives ample insight into demographics and search queries when choosing a domain name. Using keyword analysis and developing a strategy is what experts are best at. Knowing the competition and positioning will make the difference to the success of your business. 

Using your company name in the domain name is a good idea when:

There are exceptions to the rules, and using your company name in the domain name is a great idea if you are a known brand, a household name, an established business, are not interested in SEO. Many artists may choose this option as well. This works well if you are not focused on SEO. I have worked with new businesses who did not follow this rule and this does not mean that search engine optimization cannot be achieved. Many opt for a minimalist look and are focused on their brand image, rather than developing extensively on page content. This minimalist look is very attractive and we see it on the web pages of companies such as Apple, Uber and many others. 

Choosing the right platform to design your website

Website design may seem scary for some, however it does not have to be. There are many options to consider when choosing a platform for your website and investigating the possibilities is important to the success of your outcome. From Tumblr to WordPress, and Squarespace to coding from scratch there are countless ways to establish a web presence. We will explore a few and discuss the pros and cons of the most professional ways to develop your website.

When choosing a platform to build a website please take the following into account: design, your budget, how often you need to make changes and your ability to control or manipulate your website, the purpose of the website, your target audience, etc…

Some platforms for website design may be simple to manipulate, however, there are limitations with respect to design, they may be built with flash which is not always search engine friendly. Being not search engine friendly will hurt google rankings.

Others, like Squarespace and WordPress offer a variety of attractive designs and options. Forbes and CNN use this platform as an example. Choosing to use Squarespace for instance is a great option for those who are looking for a user friendly option with great designs and a multitude of themes. 

For those who are a bit more daring WordPress is a platform that has much to offer and it requires a bit of learning. This may be a great option for the business who may be able to afford some help from a professional from time to time. WordPress is widely used by professionals and it offers endless options and themes, clean looks, multiple pages, and it is free. Creating a polished look and optimizing (SEO) this website, monetizing and keeping an eye on analytics are just a few benefits worth mentioning.

Some of the cons of Wordpress to consider: for the non-tech savvy this option may be a bit frustrating as it may require a bit of learning and coding. This option works great for businesses who are looking to have some control while employing a pro to execute the actual website. 

Having a website built from scratch offers full control as far as design, but making changes may result in additional fees due to the complexity of coding. 

It is best to consider consulting a Website Design Firm prior to choosing a platform for your website. The knowledge is worth the price and this will ensure avoiding the pitfalls in the future along with the success of your business. 

Website Design Resources:

There are many online resources to consider when designing your website. Below I have compiled resources for imagery, online image editing and online logo design. 

free imagery: pixabay, unsplash, stocksnap

online photo/image editors: Fotor, Pixlr, PickMonkey

video websites for background videos: Videvo (great for one or two complimentary videos), Videezy, VideoBlocks (save for the first year on studio quality HD videos).

logo design: Fiverr (everything for $5, ideal for those on a budget and cannot afford the services of a logo design firm), 99 Designs (higher quality and more options/packages), Freepik (good for temporary use and you may use and online editor, not recommended for a professional business).

For a professional and unique logo design I recommend working with a logo designer. We provide logo services and to learn more please contact us for a consultation.

Other useful website design tools:

Jing – free Screenshot and Screencast Software
iWriter – you can get content written for your website
Color Lovers – color palettes for inspiration