…the importance of conveying the intended message with a photograph involves capturing details in textures and tones along with conveying subtleties in color nuances. Product photography generally involves using plain white and black backgrounds, however our aim is to work with more complex lighting conditions and backgrounds to create enticing imagery. 

product photography…

creating imagery that stands out from the rest is part of an intricate process that involves multiple parties. The absolute most crucial aspect of doing so is to have a through understanding of the product and the visual direction of the brand it represents. This aspect reaches beyond the limit of product photography, and into branding. Understanding brand identity is foremost in determining the most alluring means to capturing product. 

product photography


product photography
photography: alexandra stratan
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image: alexandra stratan


product photography inspirations

…inspiration will be found in nature, fabrics, color, textures, inspiration can be found everywhere!
inspiration is inevitable and surrounds us always. Product photography is a source of inspiration and every project is unique. 
finding inspiration has been the most exiting prior to beginning each project and has been key in fueling the my creativity. 


product photography success 

imagery has the power to convey on a much deeper level. Imagery in product photography must aim to communicate on a deeper subliminal level with a force that spans beyond technical implications.
brand identity is thus the nucleus of such understanding. Creating imagery that not only represents the identity of the brand but moves one. Imagery has the ability to create an emotional response. This is in my view, the answer to product photography success.



product photography lighting

the topic of lighting as it relates to product photography, has been vast and opinions vary. The lighting source is the very element that adopts the mood and sets forth the wavelengths of vibration.  
natural lighting is a superb, and perhaps at times not as explored as the possibilities it lends. Choosing the proper lighting has to do with understanding the brand identity of the creation. 

image: alexandra stratan